My Testimony Of Salvation.

Prior to my spiritual awakening, I equated serving God with church attendance. My Christian background was in the Baptist church, and before my marriage to my husband, I attended the Baptist church every Sunday.  However, when I got married to my husband, I became a member of my husband’s church, which is a white garment church also known as a spiritist church. It never occurred to me back then to question any of the religious practices that were being observed in the spiritist church.  I basically went along with what to me then was a service to God and a wonderful religious life.

I noted from the moment I became a member of the white garment church that it is common practice to always consult the spiritist leader  for ‘solutions based visions’ whenever there is a problem. I also noted that following spiritual consultations with the spiritist, his prescribed spiritual solutions for resolving the problems usually involve application of all kinds of soaps, oils, etc. It wasn’t long before I too habitually started visiting the spiritual leader for solutions to my problems and as a result, I ended up regularly visiting the shops mostly spiritist shops to purchase one item or the other. If it wasn’t coconut oil, it was another kind of oil and if it wasn’t oil, it was soap or something else. On top of that, I had my white garment uniform to also worry about. It always had to be pristine, and to make matters worse I also had the added pressure of wanting to make use of fashionable top range  white fabric for the making of my white garment so I can better fit in with the church status quo.

As time went on I started to wonder why the heck there was so much palaver to serve the Lord in the white garment arena. Whilst every other person who are meant to be born again that I have spoken to, constantly reaffirm to me that they need not  engage in the kind of ritualistic things that are going on in the spiritualists churches. The born again people always emphasise to me that they are covered by the blood of Jesus and all they need to do is plead the blood of Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in any circumstances that they find themselves in.   

Baffled by the differences in the beliefs of the spiritualist church I was attending and the born again churches, I decided to approach the prophet of the spiritualist church for explanations on why the born again people can simply plead the blood of Jesus and seek Holy Spirit guidance as opposed to bathing in a river or engaging in the sort of perish things that are going on in the spiritualist church. Although the prophet initially promised to give me an answer to my question, he never fulfilled his promise of furnishing me with answer.  He began avoiding me and every time I try bringing up the matter to remind him, he will quickly change the subject. After some time, I realised it was time for me to seek answers away from the spiritualist arena.

I spoke to a friend of mine who I have been talking to about being born again. She invited me to her church and  I accepted her invitation. The teachings there was straight to the Word.  I felt so at home, free and at peace. I gave my life to Jesus when the alter call was made and my life has never been the same. I have however stumbled along the way and through ignorance, I actually found myself tied into a cult masqueraded as a church for 8 years whereby the entire focus was entirely to do with a futile spiritual warfare that avails nothing for my soul. My spiritual growth and the peaceful relationship I was meant to have with God was hampered through the shifting on my mind on endless fleshy centred warfare.  But, the same faithful Lord who brought me out of the fetish white garment church, eventually brought me out again of the so called church that I was stuck and rotten away in for 8 years. To God be the glory, He has now establish me in a church whereby I am daily fulfilling my purpose and growing in His righteousness Will as He has preordained for my soul. Our God is indeed mighty to save and  He who started the good work in us, is always faithful to complete it. Amen. 

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