The Story of Abigail

I wonder how many men know of this story of Abigail in the bible or how many male pastors teach this in the churches.!!!! I just wonder and if they do the story will most likely be one sided and the wisdom Abigail showed will be misconstrued.

The story of Abigail in 1 samuel 25

. Healthy submission is characterised by loyalty, humility, and consideration, and it seeks the greater good. Ideally it should be mutual and reciprocal, rather than one-sided, with both husband and wife helping and serving each other.

Unfortunately church has a faulty idea of submission in marriage. Biblical submission is not about blind obedience or subservience to a man who can’t or won’t see the gift in his wife.

Abigail was a smart, strong, young woman who helped her husband by going against his wishes. She initiates a potentially dangerous meeting with David, and speaks with great diplomacy and insight. God used Abigail to help David and encourage him with her prophetic words. Abigail was a remarkable woman.

Remarkable smart and beautiful.

I just really wonder if the men know of this great story of a smart beautiful wise woman,Abigail. Unfortunately the church is so enthralled with keeping a lot of women in bondage with this submission issue that has kept a lot of women from serving their God ordained purposes because they are under a nabal who is so confused with power and foolishness.

This post will not impress a lot of men,impressed or not you need to read it and learn. Ladies read about our Abigail and seek God on your purpose. Don’t be hindered by a nabal. Seek God’s face because the God we serve loves us,cherishes us,encourages us and has empowered us with many fantastic stories of great ,powerful smart,beautiful women. That’s our God,to be precise our LORD JESUS CHRIST.He alone is the only one who treats women with such dignity and love.

Have a good night ladies.


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