Ex Transgender Homosexual was lost and found.Presentation1


Spiritual awakening is the most important in our christian walk.Watch how Olayemi Ajayi came into spiritual awakening in he 80’s!!.Only the living can praise the Lord like He should be praised and only the living will make heaven,if you do not have a living relationship with God you can’t relate to Him.

Pastor Praise came to Christ at the tender age of 11,listen to her testimony and be encouraged.

Seth came from came from a troubled home,not loved by his father and molested by a family member,this led to a perversive homosexual lifestyle,till one night changed Seth’s life forever.Watch ,listen and be truly blessed as you watch this inspiring interview and see what led to Seth’s salvation,how and why he made a choice with Jesus Christ.

Watch and be inspired how God found Hugh in the most incredible way ,how God met Hugh on the highway while driving and while on holiday in Barbados 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Watch  how Ken Wright  came from witchcraft to Christ through the supernatural power of Jesus Christ.

Ken wright continues discussing how the supernatural power and love in Jesus Christ got him out of witchcraft

The final part of how the supernatural power and love of Jesus Christ got Ken wright out of witchcraft

CC Harding-Total Transformation of a Christian woman.
Watch how CC,a divorced,single mother’s life was totally transformed when she came to the revelation that she was Born again but not a Christian!!!.Watch and be inspired how Grace changed her life forever!!

Restoration of a burnt boy under 1 yr old-Peter Gladwin
Seriously burnt in a house fire at one year, stabbed in a gang fight at 15, hit and run victim aged 24, parental suicide at 27, plus Peter’s own addictive lifestyle would anything go right for him?Watch how God totally restored and transformed his life

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