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‘To appoint unto them in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes…'(Isaiah 61:3)

Beauty for Ashes is a Christian Talk show and the name is taken from Isaiah 61:3. It ‘s a show that talks about people testimonies of salvation discussing their journey through life to encourage others that might be going through the same issues.

Salvation is the heart beat of god, very dear to God’s heart. The show will get you thinking about your purpose in life and finding the path to righteousness. The path of righteousness through Christ Jesus.

Jesus died to give us beauty, His Beauty for our ashes from darkness, sit back, relax and be inspired, and we hope that you will be inspired and encouraged to seek God and find out what your purpose is.

In Beauty for Ashes, we will listen, talk and share stories of how God delivered souls from..

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My Journey to Salvation

Prior to my spiritual awakening, i equated serving God with church. My christian background was in the baptist church, and before my marriage to my husband,....


I wonder how many men know of the story of Abigail in the bible or how many male pastors teach this in the church!!! I just wonder and if they do the story will most likely be one sided..

Pastor Praise

The bible says train up a child in the way. When the child grows the child will not depart. So is the story of Pastor Praise Aesmota.

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Michael Davis

Michael Davis was lost in the world of sin, darkness and confusionin the transgender/homosexual world untill Jesus stepped in.


Beauty for Ashes Talk Show, Join me every Saturday and 9 pm on the London Christian Radio to hear amazing stories of God’s work of salvation. 


Hope Alliance is a body of Christ organisation founded in UK and dedicated to advancing God’s kingdom across the globe through proactive mission field work. Our main current area of operation is in the East Africa region of Uganda, Kenya and surrounding areas.

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Sade Popoola

Prior to my spiritual awakening, i equated serving god with church. My christian background was in the baptist church, and before my marriage to my husband.


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