The show

“To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes….”   (Isaiah 61:3).

Beauty for Ashes is a Christian Talk show  and the name is taken from Isaiah 61:3.  It’s a show that talks about peoples testimonies of salvation,  discussing their journey through life to encourage others that might be going through the same issues.

Salvation is the heart beat of God,  very dear to God’s heart. This show will get you thinking about your purpose in life and finding the path to righteousness. The path to righteousness through Christ Jesus.

Jesus died to give us beauty,  His beauty for our ashes from darkness. Sit back, relax and be inspired.

We hope  that  you will be inspired  and encouraged  to seek for God and find out what your purpose is.

In Beauty for Ashes, we would listen, talk and share stories of how God  delivered souls from darkness.

Beauty For Ashes will Endeavor To :

·         Promote the kind and gracious character of God.

·         Highlight Gods love for mankind.

·         Engage in ministerial and charitable work as it delivers life changing testimonies.

·         Affirm Gods word through these testimonies in clear biblical context.

·         Take the word of God all over the world via the media and world wide web.

·         Partner with  Holy Spirit filled churches  to equip people in their walk with the Lord.

At Beauty For Ashes we are Passionate About Souls!!

We love you God Bless You.


Be encouraged, be lifted and enjoy the show.